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What's a Holistic Technique?

Holism is a view of life that allows you to see yourself as a whole, where all the parts of you are connected. These parts are: the mental, the emotional and the corporal. Through our holistic techniques, join us so that you are aware of the emotional blocks you may have and that are the result of how your 3 areas are related so far and thus seek integral balance again.
Chakra Alignment

It allows us to unblock each of our energy centers (chakras), fix leaks and energy interference, harmonizing and recovering the essential vitality of our body.


Healing energy is channeled and transmitted through the laying on of hands, managing to harmonize our physical, mental and emotional body.

Crystal Therapy

The composition of the crystals allows that, in their direct contact with the skin, changes in the body's chemistry are produced, providing a place for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Meditación Guiada
Guided Meditation

Guided visualizations to release stress, anxiety and reconnect with the power of the mind to not get carried away by emotions and thoughts.

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Coaching 1:1

Through the personalized accompaniment of a Coach, you will be able to deepen your self-knowledge to find the questions that lead you to new possibilities in all areas of your life.

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Aura Cleansing

Recommended therapy to start a new year of life, in New Year or when you want to break a cycle and start over. The energy cleaning of your aura is carried out, which is the field that surrounds each human being and that for many reasons (unhealthy relationships, difficulties, envy, traumas and more) can be charged and not letting you achieve your goals.

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